Top 10 Ways To Boost Tourism Sector Of Nepal [Written by Rajiha]

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Tourism sector is a booming area of growing economy in Nepal. Nepal is a beautiful place where there are many places to wonder, world heritage sites to travel, various areas famous for its own unique identity, places famous for their eatery, this all could sum up and result into the economic growth from international field i.e. tourism. Below are the 10 ways, Nepal can boost its tourism sector.

1) Increase in the number of guides.
Many people come to Nepal to know about the country and travel place, but since there are less guides it can result into disappointment.

2) Having clean environment.
Nepal is a beautiful country, but the places around our world heritage sites, or the road have litters around, garbage, which makes difficulty for tourists to travel around, since it doesn’t give pleasant appearance or smell. hence, cleaning the areas, having a proper management of garbage and pollution should be done.

3) Increasing hotels/hostels, homestays that are cheaper and well facilitated with proper
management team.
Increase of a suitable, well managed area for temporary stay will increase the no. of tourist as they will have a proper place to live with comfort instead of uncomfortable. Usually in areas that are rural there are less no. of stays and less managed, hence it should be solved.

4) Proper management in airport and maybe increase in number of airports at other districts.
Airport is the first place where the tourist arrives, and it is the only place from which they leave our country. As we all know, the management of our airport is not as good as the level of international airports in other countries. The baggage system, the waiting area, the arrival and the departures should all be well managed. There is only one international airport throughout the country along with few domestic airports, which makes it hard for tourists to go to rural areas from 4 wheelers, hence the no. of airports should also be planned to increase.