Top 10 Ways To Boost Tourism Sector Of Nepal [Written by Bishal]

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Nepal is the developing country were many infrastructures are to be developed. Many things are not developed properly. But Nepal is rich in natural beauty. Here in Nepal we can see many natural beauty. Those Himalayas, hills, heritage and the natural beauty are the gift of the nature for this country. Nepal is surrounded with the high hills and the mountain along with the natural beauty which is perfect for the adventure and traveling to experience the peace and the beauty of the nature. So many tourist from the different country visit Nepal every year. But due to not well-developed facilities in tourism we cannot make much profit and can’t develop in tourism sector. So, here are some of the top 10 ways which can boost the tourism sector of the Nepal.

1. First of all, all those heritage and the natural beauty should be well preserved for which tourist came to visit Nepal.

2. Advertisement in media about the Nepal should be done in order to encourage tourist. Information about the different place of the Nepal should be know by orders in order to visit Nepal. so, advertisement and the promotion of tourism in social media should be done.

3. There should be well managed facilities for the tourist to stay in Nepal. They should feel comfortable until they are in Nepal.

4. Every Nepalis should be in discipline, should behave in good manners to the tourist, and should be kind and helpful toward the tourist.

5. There should be the good communication between the tourist and the Nepalis people so that they can understand each other .

6.Government and the locals should control the pollution. Drainage , garbage and the smokes from old vehicles and the factory should be maintain properly to control the pollution.