After 9 Years, I Travelled To Ghorahi Dang | Bhudki Traveller

April 2019

After 9 Years, I travelled to Ghorahi Dang | Bhudki Traveller

I travelled to Ghorahi Dang, after 9 years. And I found lots of differences while compared to 9 years before. Much painful sight was, “ground, big ground where me and my friends used to play cricket and football was gone”. Everywhere there are new buildings.

9 yrs earlier, river used to flow above the small bridge, but now bridge is being updated, and this is very good point.

From Sadak Bibhag, traffic chowk to Tulsipur Chowk road developed (double lane), before nine years it was single lane. Nice shot here too.

I visited Dharapani and seen Tallest Trisul there, then I visited to Barah12 Kune Daha, Ambikeswori Temple was in construction phase (upgrade), finally I visited Jyamire Daha.

It was 2 days stay there, and I couldn’t visit more places. This is my rough travel article of Ghorahi Dang 2019.

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